SS Norway - Ship of State

Veronica is a member of our CaptainsVoyage Forum, and has compiled this wonderful poem for our Ship of State.†

This is a poem I wrote about the Norway in Jan 1999 after my first cruise on the Norway. Since then I sailed on her 3 more times (three cruises including the 2001 Farewell Transatlantic Cruise). I hope you all enjoy this poem.

"Ship of State"

By Veronica Salisbury

Elegant ladies in ball gowns

Descending the Grand Staircase,

Fine French Cuisine,

Those were the days of the

Golden Era of Ocean travel.

Those were your days, elegant lady

As you sailed as The SS France,

The last of the great French Ocean queens.

Now as the cruise ship Norway,

Your elegance is still there.

An air of nostalgia came into being

As I walked your decks, ate in

Your elegant restaurants,

Had tea in the Club International,

And stayed and slept in an original cabin.

Though garnished with some modern features

To suit your present new life as a cruise ship,

A taste of your Golden Era of greatness

Is still there. Much of your great past is still present.

What a dream come true it was for me

To have been a part of your history,

If only for a week

A ship of state and beauty still remains,

And by your most gracious crew, I too,

Was treated like a Queen.

Now traveling amongst the new breed,

You stand among the elite and the regal,

One of the few left of your kind,

How impressed those travelers were

In their ship across the way.

At night their lights of blue flashed

Your way as they photographed a Queen.

They too, wanted a piece of the past.

Now in an age where cruising is big business,

You have become popular again.

Now as a cruise ship people flock to you

For a glimpse into the past.

You have quite a following of fans for

They have traveled on you more than once.

Being a great fan too, I will travel on you

Again soon and spread the news to the world_

"Travel on the great Norway.

She is a real treasure with her stateliness,

Elegant rooms and fine cuisine"

I must close for now Great Ocean Queen,

But I will return again soon.

And so i say to everyone, "Long Live the

Norway, a regal Queen-a Ship of State"

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