SS Norway - Flagchange

Norways Postal flag replaced by the Bahamian

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One of the dark parts of the proud ship’s story took place off Nassau, Bahamas, on March 1st 1987. Arriving in the morning, the ship would arrive with the Norwegian Postal Flag flying high in it’s mast, and with Oslo as homeport at her stern. 

Later in the afternoon, the ship would depart with Oslo painted blue, and with Nassau in new fresh gold letters on the stern. From the main mast, a Bahamian Flag would flutter in the wind. 

The Norwegian Government forced the flag change forward with it’s policies and after having turned their backs away from the oceans and all the Norwegian ships which used to ply all the seven oceans around the world. The Norwegian seaman was no longer competitive, and in a very short time, most of the thousands of Norwegians who worked in maritime professions, were sent ashore. Replaced by a cheaper work force from other countries. 

Till this day, the Norway continues to show their disrespect and disloyalty towards their own seamen.

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Present at the flag deck is Bosun Reiersen lowering the flag, two able bodied seamen, Carpenter Grove, the Hotel Director, Fire Fighter Helge Jensen and 2nd Bosun Caesar. Photo taken by Olav Jørgen Holm.

One of these giant Norwegian Poastal Flags marked March 1st 1987, is now a part of my private collection.

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A reader-submitted photograph of unknown origin showing the main mast of the SS Norway, with the Norwegian flag at the top, and the Bahamian flag together with the UN flag and the Kloster Cruise house flag.
Photo is most likely taken at a visit to Great Stirrup Cay (Bahamas), NCL private out island. 


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