Traces of the SS Norway

Despite the tragic fact that the ship is now long gone, there are still a lot of artifacts and pieces of her interiors spread around the world. Through auctions and second hand websites, many people have managed to obtain their own small piece of memory - a piece that used to be on board the ship. 

On this page, we will share some of these personal items from the SS France or SS Norway, now found in private and public collections. If you have something from the ship, please do take a photo of it, tell use a little about it, and then send it to us ( ). 

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An image from Nina Allen, shared with her kind permission: SS Norway’s plaques at display in Norwegian Seamans Church in Davie, Florida. 

An image from Nina Allen, shared with her kind permission: glass work from SS France chapel, now in use at Norwegian Seamans Church.

In the image below, it is not the main-mast of the SS Norway, but imagine how wonderful it would have been if the main mast could have been saved for the future and placed in her Norwegian homeport of Oslo. It would have been an awesome sight in the area of the Norwegian Maritime Museum at Bygdøy for example. 


Palmarina-Yalikavak (Bodrum, Turkie) 

Myself, I also have some posessions originating from the great ship. These are all items that I’m tremendously proud of owning. Every day when I look at them, touch them and hold them, I’m filled with a strange feeling and respect for her history. The most beautiful ocean liner ever to set sail, the SS FRANCE, and some parts of her, after sailing around the world, eventually ended up in my home in my possession. 

If anyone have images of these items when they were still on board the ship, I would very much like to hear from you as soon as possible. 

My bedroom is now marked as the Nordfjord Suite, Fjord 046.

My home office is now marked as cabin Olympic 1027, an officer’s cabin. 

Ship directory from Norway deck, deck 7, stairtower 5, outside Leeward Dining Room. 

One of the signs used on one of the bridge wings of the legendary SS Norway: I presume this would be the one which displayed on the port side bridge wing by the looks of it. Now with me in my private collection. 

Artwork created by marine artist Robert G. Lloyd (read the story about it here): 

On April 6th 2016 the last big piece of the SS Norway, the tip of her bow (image missing), was once again listed for sale on the Internet, with an 100.000 - 120.000 Euro asking price. 

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