A day trip to Oslo

A while back, I had a really busy day after finishing my night watch at work. Straight off my shift, I stopped by the port at Trondheim to witness the arrival of the Norwegian Star, and to get some pictures for myself. Then, I hurried onwards to Trondheim Airport Værnes to catch a Scandinavian Airlines flight to Oslo. 

Within no time, I arrived at Oslo and attended my scheduled meeting at Gardermoen airport. The meeting took about an hour and a half, and knowing a former, veteran Norwegian Cruise Line-ship was also in town, I jumped on the airport express train to be able to see it for myself. 

A quick trip down to the port, and then back on the airport express train to catch a suitable flight back to Trondheim again. What a special day - firstly because I got a great dose of both cruiseships and airplanes, but also because for the first time in my life, I had successfully executed a round-trip commute flight to Oslo and back. It’s all in a day’s work, or something like that. 

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