A Kho Samui luxury retreat

Before anything else is said, this is not a sponsored post, and I have not personally stayed at this seemingly beautiful place.†

With a listed asking price of an astounding US$1.000 to US$1.800 per night, this will likely never be an option within my range of budget. This is accomondation for the super rich - perhaps perfect for the Kardashians? I think that if you need to know the price in advance, you most likely can’t afford staying there anyway.†

But looking aside from the listed price, this is apparently a truly stunning place. Infinity-pool and lowered sitting area - is that another pool I see in the lower end of the photo as well? Stunning place, but the worst part of it is that this isn’t even the most exclusive or the most expencive accommodation in Thailand.†

Perhaps it’s not that expencive if we are going to be eight people shareing a US$1.000-villa - staying alone, you will naturally have to foot the whole bill for yourself, but divided by eight people leaves a more comfortable US$125 per night per person!†

The property is called Caledon Villa and can be found on a hillside at Kho Samui overlooking Gulf of Thailand.

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