A magical journey with “Hansteen"

A few months ago, at the start of August (2018), I was asked to join a 150 year old vessel as their new commanding Captain. After about 3 minutes of thinking, I gladly accepted the challenge and engagement. This assignment was in my humble opinion just way too special to decline. 

The ship, the Sail Steam Ship "Hansteen" had been out of service for the past 2-3 years in order to have her boiler rebuilt and repaired, and this would be the ship’s first voyage for a very long time. For many of her crew, this was the culmination of countless hours of care and maintenance that now resulted in a magical voyage. For this 3 day-2 night long voyage, the ship would cater to some 30 guests, booked well in advance. The voyage departed from Trondheim, and would call at Tautra, Levanger, Ytterøy, Mosvik, Kjerknesvågen, and return to Trondheim via Mosvik and Leksvik. 

DS «Hansteen» is a sailing steamship built in 1866 at the Norwegian Mechanical Workshop for Norway's Geographic Survey, NGO, and named after the then head of the NGO, Professor Christopher Hansteen. The ship was also loaned to marine research for Johan Hjort and G.O. Sars. In 1872 the ship provided lodging for Crown Prince Oscar during the descent of Haraldstøtta in Haugesund.

In 1898 the ship was sold to Innherad Forenede Damskipbsselskab and used as a local-boat in Trondheimsfjorden. She was then sold to the Helgeland steamship company and renamed "Haarek" and sailed a regular route along the Helgeland coastline, between Sandnessjøen and Træna. In 1950 the ship was sold to Florø and converted to a hostel-ship, first for seasonal workers during the herring fishing, and from 1962 bought by Oslo Indremisjon and used as a cargo ship in Akerselva under the name "Ivar Elias".

Eventually, the ship was bought in 1978 by Olaf T. Engvik and restored back to the design as the original marine research vessel. In 1986, she was taken over by the foundation D/S «Hansteen» in Trondheim. From 2015, the ship is operated by MiST following an agreement with the Foundation. Restoration work has been carried out both on hull and in interiors. Steam boiler have now been repaired. The ship is usually located at Nidelven, near the Maritime Museum.

These are some of my personal images from that magical journey (including two images from a very nice friend of mine): not too many images as I was there to be her Captain, not to be her official photographer. Most have been taken by iPHONE. If you wish to see more from this ship and journey, I respectfully invite you to look through her thread at CaptainsVoyage-Forum

If you are of the patient kind, and if you are following my youtube-account, there will also be a video from the journey as soon as I find the time to edit and create the film. Stay tuned, AND subscribe!

2018 08 03 iPHONE-Hansteen-Trondheim-Tautra-Levanger-IMG 1024-small

2018 08 04 iPHONE-Hansteen-Levanger-Ytterøy-Mosvika-Kjerknesvågen-IMG 1050-small

2018 08 04 iPHONE-Hansteen-Levanger-Ytterøy-Mosvika-Kjerknesvågen-IMG 1103-small

2018 08 05 iPHONE-Hansteen-Kjerknesvågen-Mosvika-Leksvika-Trondheim-IMG 1184-small

2018 08 09 Hansteen-IMG 1288

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