A Trondheim walk

Not all travels are taking us to the other side of the world, some are also done in our home-cities. Though, they don’t sound too exotic for the person whole lives there the whole year, but might be exotic for someone from the other side of the world. 

Here is a collection of various images taken from different places in and around Trondheim over the past 2-3 months. Some of these images have previously been shared with friends and acquaintances on one of my Instagram-accounts, or through Snapchat. If you know Trondheim as well anyone else here, and even better than me, you might actually be able to identify all the places below? 

Winter is clearly not my favourite time of the year, but this year I have been trying really hard to see the season as it actually is, despite the lack of colors and luster. No more worries though, I can now sense spring struggling hard to break through each and every day. 

Sometimes I wonder, actually quite often, whether it’s time to sell my DSLR and all my lenses, or not… in the last year, I have not taken too many images with the camera system. By far, it’s not enough images produced to justify having a camera and lenses worth that kind of money. Nor have I bothered to carry it along on all my walks and trips. On my long trecks to Thailand and Hong Kong, I have up until now always brought it along but actually taken only a handful images each trip. Back in November last year, I invested in an excellent point-and-shoot camera which is also able to take RAW-images and perfect selfies. (LOL). That camera, the Canon Powershoot G7X Mark II is absolutley the best compact-camera I have ever owned. 

The Powershot and the iPHONE seems to be enough for me at the moment, and is way more convenient for the use I currently need. 

I would love to hear your personal opinions on this never-ending question… if I had big enough cahoonas, I would have sold the camera and lenses, but I’m always ending up fearing that I will regret it when it is too late. 

Please let me know in the This is your Captain speaking (with himself)-thread on CaptainsVoyage Forum. 

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