Centara Watergate Hotel

One of my favourite hotels in Bangkok is the Centara Watergate Hotel, located right in the heart of the very best shopping distrcit of Bangkok if you are looking for fashion and handicrafts. Practically, right at the hotel's doorstep, there is also a wealth of great and reasonably priced massage shops, where I off course love to get my daily hour (or two) of foot massage at my own favourite shop and by my own favourite staff.

At the end of each day, returning to Centara Watergate is just perfect. Their beds, bedsheets and pillows are of very high quality and will give the rest needed for the next busy day. The clealiness of the rooms and standard of the rooms is to me, very appealing. Bright colors, great internet connectivity and a well working air-condition makes the rooms just what you need at the end of a long day in Bangkok.†

The hotel staff is also truly exceptional: each time when staying there, I always end up feeling a very strong connection to the bellboys at the ground floor, and some of the other staff at 8th floor (the rception area). They work diligently, they are very polite, and by sometimes handing them a bottle of M150 (local energy drink), they turn out to be the most wonderful addition to any stay. It’s also nice to return back to this hotel, because most of the staff will remember me from last visit, and make me feel like coming home. Check-in process is for the most part swift.†

Please note that here is no actual swimming pool at this hotel. The water-feature at 8th floor, is merly a wading pool/ fountain with shaded sun beds.†

I haven’t had breakfast here during all my visits, because I’m not a big breakfast person in the tropics. But, if you have breakfast at the 8th floor, you got to be really picky not to be impressed by the selection and service. Some time ago, I was going to have quite an important business meeting over the breakfast at this hotel. I was really nervous in advance, because this was an influential person locally, so naturally, I went to speak with the duty manager in advance. In every possible way, they truly went out of their way to impress both me, and my visitor. From the time, his limousine arrived at the ground floor, to the time he left, there was staff following us catering to our every need. My visitor was truly impressed and have now become a great fan of their Centara Resorts.†

Naturally, service will always be an individual experience, but as wherever else you travel, I think as long as you give a smile and stay polite, you will get the very best in service in return. During all my years of traveling around the world, I have come to realise that learning the name of staff members, and always acknowledging their presence, gives me way better service, understanding and assistance. You must understand, I’m not going to guarante you will get the very best service at any hotel you choose to stay at, because once again, it is truly up to how you act and react in presence of any hotel staff.†

As far as I see it, there is only one thing “wrong” with this hotel. If you take a taxi back to the hotel, the taxi will almost always take you to the wrong hotel: the nearby Centara Grand Hotel. If you are not conversant in local language, make sure you bring one of the business cards of the hotel and give to your taxi driver.†

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