Fly into tomorrow with Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is a part of the One World Alliance, and since they are not in the family of Star Alliance, it is unlikely that I will get the chance to ever fly with them. Their new business class seats does however look pretty nice in images, with direct aisle-access for all seats. The slightly angled seats seems to be the new norm in business class with a lot of airlines around the world

The darker seat- and carpet-colours seems to work very well with the contrasting light table tops.

In a crazy dream of mine, the day I get to move into my own house with lots of available space, I’d love to have two seats like these in a private relaxation room or TV/ media room. Heck - if I had enough space and money, I’d love to create my very own business class cabin complete with fuselage, windows, pantry and restroom!†

In the comments below, I’d really love to hear what you think about this cabin, and perhaps even what is your favourite business class cabin?

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