Hong Kong moments: a warm welcome back to Café100

One of the greatest highlights of this trip, was a return to admire the views of Hong Kong from Sky100 - Hong Kong Observation Deck. My intention this time was to visit the 100th floor again to see if the air was better than at my previous visit, the day before Cyclone Hato arrived. 

It was a little less hazy, and equally amazing. I love it up there: just sit at one of the benches and look at all the amazing details of the city: the buildings and the skyline, the traffic of cars and people below, the maritime traffic on Victoria Harbour, the surrounding hillside and an occasional airliner on the way to or from the airport. It’s easy for me to pass an hour or two just like this. Hong Kong never stops fascinating me. 

When you compare gigantic Hong Kong to tiny Trondheim, everything appears to be so much more energetic and dynamic here. People are different and it looks like things gets built as soon as someone wants to build something. There are quite a few truly iconic buildings around Hong Kong, and there are massive construction projects already constructed or under construction: bridges, tunnels under the harbour, and major infrastructure. 

Back up on the 100th floor, time was running away from me, and I started feeling a bit hungry. Remembering the outstanding service by Jasons at Café100 by the Ritz-Carlton at my last visit, it was not a big decision to return to this café in the skies. Unfortunately, Jason had his day off, but instead, I got to meet Seavy and Kenneth. And, wow, they certainly gave me a statesman’s best welcome back. The crepe’s and pastries that they serve up there, and the various inventive coffee drinks on the menu are truly out of this world. If you wish to have a spectacular lunch at what I personally think is Hong Kong’s best places, this is the place to go. When I return to Hong Kong the next time, I know I will definitely return to this café again. It’s been one of these places that for some strange reason I will miss once returning from my journey. To put it this way, knowing that coffee is great almost anywhere, I may off course get my coffee at anywhere I desire, but there are few places that also offers genuine personality and the feeling of personal contact with staff. Café100 provides not only great view and great coffee but are also truly friendly, and has that equally important welcoming atmosphere.

I would off course like to hear if you have a favourite coffee shop somewhere in the world, and why you think that place is so great for you. 

A deliciously served cup of Latte, with a personal touch of the café.

This serving alone, is a good reason to return to Hong Kong.

IMG 0851

This is what I mean: with probably thousands of tourists passing through each year, its wonderful to be recognized and welcomed back again with a personal treat like this! That warm espresso shot on the right, is about to be poured over the cream and chocolates on the left. DELICIOUS!

IMG 0855

The friendliness of the staff at this café never stops disappointing me, a big thank you to Seavy and Kenneth for their warm hospitality. 

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