I have moved my bLOGs!†

In order for me to make it so much easier updating both my personal Captains bLOG and my Captains travel bLOG, I have made the logical move to relocate them both to two threads on CaptainsVoyage Forum.†

Captains bLOG can now be found:http://www.captainsvoyage-forum.com/forum/the-radio-room-mayday-mayday-mayday/captainsvoyage-crew-manifest/212991-captains-blog

Captains travel bLOG can now be found:http://www.captainsvoyage-forum.com/forum/the-radio-room-mayday-mayday-mayday/captainsvoyage-crew-manifest/213107-captains-travel-blog

Nothing will make me happier than to see you all there in the future. Thank you all for your generous following and interactions!†

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