Not a competition, but where is this

I’m not asking “where is this” because I actually know where it is, but because I honestly don’t know as well. The image below was taken on my recent flight from Stockholm Arlanda to Hong Kong, most likely some 3-5 hours after departing from Sweden, and above Russia.†

Just to eliminate the need to ask, there is no meta-data in the image where the position is recorded, and I never made a note of what place I might have seen beneath us.†

It looks like there is a river of some kind running through the place though.†

As I have mentioned at least once or twice in the past, this kind of image summons the whole essence, excitement, and thrill with night flights and a window seat. I love spending hours on hours looking through my small window and down at the world below - a fully lit city sparkling in the middle of an otherwise dark landscape. Within that place, there are stories of birth and death, and all that lies in between. If I hold my thumb up in front of my eyes, I can easily cover all those stories and all those “happenings” with a small part of my body.†

I’d love to hear what the best of investigators might come up with.†

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