OMG - Patong Beach

OMG! I truly can’t believe this was Patong Bach back in 1980…. about 10 years before my first recollection of Patong Beach on Phuket. This area has changed enormously since back then.†

What I remember the most from Patong is that this was a tropical paradise back in the 90’s. Wide open streets, just a little traffic, lots of small local stores and simple, small bars. Last time I was in Phuket (actually last month), I didn’t even go to Patong Beach. Back in December I arrived in the evening, heading straight to Rawai Beach for a concert and returning to Bangkok early next morning.†

I think it’s a couple of years since I last went there, and that time, it was in my opinion overly crowded with mostly tourists and the streets were nearly built-in with new buildings and shop-stalls. Traffic was also a nightmare, and even included twice-daily rush-hour traffic.†

I have so many great memories from Phuket especially from the second half of the 90’s… the time when I nearly lived each day on the many beaches of the island, with fun places like Galaxy Disco, Titanic Pub and Safari Pub. Those places are now all gone. Not to mention, the hillsides around Patong and other beaches… palm trees and lots of vegetation. Now, they are covered with expensive villas, hotels and resorts. And not to forget, Kamala Beach north of Patong… completely deserted, undeveloped and quiet. What a haven it was: my true tropical paradise. I remember a small hut-like beach restaurant on the north end of Kamala - incredible food, and very reasonable prices. I remember the woman running the place by face, and her son, though their names escape me. I remember the construction of Phuket FantaSea on Kamala, and the opening night when we went there to see the fire works from outside the walls. And off course, I’ll never forget the lady with her old, broken cart, at Ratuthit Road outside 7-11 and the corner of Caloemphrakiat road, selling tasty grilled pork on a stick (locally known as “moo ping”) and grilled hot dog’s… it was super-cheap and delicious, and therefore, I ate there almost every single night.†

Everything seems so simpler back then. No drama, no worries and nothing scared me. Today, I’m not the same person - it’s almost like thinking of someone else’s life. But I know, it’s all in my wonderful past with so many great memories.†

Though I still love Phuket profoundly, it has changed and evolved so incredibly much since then. When I now return, I have problems finding my favourite places and hang outs amidst all the changes. Those were the days. Those were indeed the days.†

Have you ever been to Patong, when and how did you like it? Do you have any memories of this place or any other place in Thailand, and that has changed so much?†

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