Scandinavian Airlines A350-900XWB

I simply can’t wait till Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) takes delivery of their first A350 some time next year. According to the information I have, SAS have ordered some 12 brand new A350-900XWB. I also hope they will convert at least some of these orders to the larger A350-1000, though, as I understand, that is unlikely to happen. †

The A350-900XWB they have ordered have about 20% better passenger capacity than their current long-haul fleet consisting of several A340/A330. Additionally, the A350 offers up to 30% lower fuel consumption per passenger seat. That in addition to the other items that comes with a new, modern aircraft:†more comfort, larger windows and a quieter cabin resulting in reduced noise by half compared with the A340.

As soon as information becomes publicly available, I will indeed make my first booking for one of the maiden flights under the SAS house-flag. SAS has really come far in the last decade: as I have experienced myself, they have a wonderful long-haul product and are also heading towards a massive fleet-upgrade: on order is also four A330-300 Enhanced, and an upgrade program for seven of their current A330/A340 aircrafts.†

There is another thing about SAS that I have really felt lately: there is massive amount of pride amongst their employees, and from my stance, it appears that all their staff is genuinely well treated. A company with strong ethics and exceptionally high moral attitudes is really appealing to me as a costumer as well as a possible future employer. †

As I said it myself in my professional profile on LinkedIn:†

Will seriously consider all new adventures with fair, professional companies in creative set and forward-thinking environments, with exceptionally high moral attitudes and good ethical standards. Companies entering a green operation with new techonlogy are especially sought after companies for future engagements.

SAS is from my current viewpoint, one of those few companies I could see myself to be a part of in the future.†

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