That moment

One of the best memories of any holiday, and for me the one memory that linger the longest, is the memory of that very moment you are about to depart on the outbound long-haul flight. Full of excitement, hopes and dreams - it’s the start of something hopefully amazing. There are so much great food waiting to be eaten, interesting people to meet and new knowledge to be achieved. 

Quite frequently, I get asked why do I love to always be on the run, why do I love travelling so much. Most people I know here in Norway just can’t understand what the fascination is all about, and it’s not that easy to explain with just a few words. The reasons are plentiful.

For me, travelling is the ultimate happiness. I love being on the move seeing something different because it challenges my brain to take in all the new information and to evolve. Travelling opens my eyes. A few days ago, I read experts advice that every day you go for a walk, you should walk a different route to challenge your brain and to stimulate the brain. I guess the same goes for travelling. More importantly, travelling also forces me to step out of my comfort zone all the time. Experts within the field, believe that exploring your comfort zone will give you greater confidence to meet life’s many challenges. 

On any trip - wether meticulously planned or on random, you will repeatedly meet challenges that you will have to deal with with a certain degree of care. You will have to exercise many of your skills in dealing with other cultures, and other ways of thinking. Successfully meeting such situations will most likely boost self-confidence and make you a whole lot more self-aware. Basically, going travelling is perhaps the best way to learn also who you are. 

With less personal boundaries while travelling, it’s a lot easier making friends in foreign countries than in your home city. You have an incredible opportunity to make a lot of new friendships while at the same time, travels will also hopefully make you appreciate everybody back home a lot more.  It may also make you appreciate your actual home too…. you know the feeling, after a long trip, you finally arrive back home to familiar routines and obligations. There is a very true saying in Norway: “away good, home is best” (literally translated). 

Personally, I tend to like solo-travelling not because I'd like to be selfish, but because it can also give your career a respectable boost. Solo-travelling demonstrates adaptability, financial planning skills, and optimal communication, among other job-related skills. Furthermore, discovering the world solo also indicates generous cross-cultural understanding, self-sufficiency, and decision-making abilities to prospective employers. 

During solo-travels, you tend to rely on local people to sort out daily tasks in their local language instead of relying on your brought-along travel mate. Travelling solo also gives you the power of deciding how long to stay, where to go, when to do, and what to do. You are likely going to be a lot less stressed and won’t need to compromise on personal preferences…. well, that does sound selfish, doesn’t it? A little bit of loneliness is good for everybody.  

Finally, all the new experiences you encounter on a trip, is great moments to look back at as the years pass by. 

Please let me know if I have forgotten some other advantages of travelling or if you have any special reason for doing your travels. 

Here are some of my memories from the last time I experienced “that moment”. 

All my travels start in SAS Cafe Lounge at TRD. Sadly, this small coffee-corner doesn’t really impress me. I have a strong wish that the cafe would be relocated to a better location and that it would be stocked with edible food. 

That moment when a trip starts. 

My journey starts at TRD - always with SAS. 

From TRD, SAS takes me to either OSL, CPH or ARN. I prefer flying in and out of any other airport than OSL.

For me, there is no better way to start any day: Thai Airways B777-300ER with registration HS-TKK, and with the name “Philavan" is ready for departure from OSL as TG955. The local snowstorm makes me want to go even more. 

An overly excited Captain ready for his priority boarding. Within 40 minutes, the aircraft will leave the runway at OSL.  

Like other aviation enthusiasts, I always stroke the door frame of the aircraft for good luck as I step on board. 

A view I could look at forever: the worlds most powerful jet engine, the GE90. The General Electric GE90 is a family of high-bypass turbofan aircraft engines built by GE Aviation for the Boeing 777, with thrust ratings from 360 to 510 kN. It entered service with British Airways in November 1995. It is one of three options for the 777-200, -200ER, and -300 versions, and the exclusive engine of the -200LR, -300ER, and 777F. In the not too distant future, the worlds most powerful jet engine will be its 15 cm wider fan successor, the 470 kN GE9X, powering the Boeing 777X from 2019.

You go ahead, you may keep the snow as I replace snow with beach sand. 

A hop, skip and  jump later, there is the arrival. As much as I love flying, arriving in Thailand from Europe is always a very anticipated time. 

I love THAI, and there is Thai’s all over the place at BKK. 

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