The world’s most increadible hotel pools 

I wish, and dream, that I one day could make a decent living in life by just travelling around the whole world trying out all kinds of quirky places and accommodations. The world is truly an amazing place, filled to the crust with all sorts of adventures. Imagine a profession where one could have the funds - and luck, to try out many of them and sharing them with all those that dreams of finding that one special place. For me, I have been using for quite some time now, and gotten familiar to the way their website work. It might not be the best solution you argue, as there are many competing sites out there, but once you are used to one, it’s hard to make the switch to another one.

Recently, I came across a listing there which appealed to my imaginary senses: the world’s most increadible hotel pools.  Dang - those are some pretty amazing pools! 

By clicking on the image below, you can also see these selections. Please do let me know below if there are other increadible hotel-pools that have not made it to this list, and that you feel is equally amazing. 

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