Why I love Scandinavian : my flight TRD-OSL-ARN

If you haven’t subscribed to my youtube-channel yet, I appreciate all new subscribers to join me there. My dream is to gain at least 100 subscribers this year. Presently, I have some 23 and my videos barely brakes 20 views. My videos are perhaps not the best on youtube, but I also believe they are not the worst either. Perhaps they’ll get better as time goes by?†

Yesterday, I uploaded a short video from my flight to Stockholm last week. It’s not a super-good video, but I opted to do this one without commentary and without music, just some appropriate ambient background sounds. This, I believe, is the essence and current basis of my love for flying and for aviation.

In the past, I have been a great fan of THAI, and I’m still is, but when it comes to SAS, they are far superior in so many ways - especially on long haul and in recognising their Gold members.†

So why do I love to fly (Scandinavian)? It’s the same reason as my love for flying with any other airline, but with the modernised Scandinavian touch, they elevate my experience to another level. I love the sounds, the excitement, the landscape below, the food, the lounges and the “going somewhere different".†

If you have an urge to also let me why you like to travel by air, it would be interesting to hear your opinions too.†

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