A beautiful ship for sale

If you wish to travel with the RMS St. Helena before she is withdrawn from service, I’m afraid to say that you might be too late as she is scheduled to stop service from this coming February 2018. If you wish to give this vessel a new life, you might not be too late. 

It was back in September last year that St Helena Government announced that St Helena Line will withdraw the RMS St Helena from service in February 2018.

The RMS is now being offered for sale and London shipbroker CW Kellock & Co Ltd will handle the sale of the RMS to her new potential buyers.

The RMS St Helena has been in service for more than a quarter of a century and was built in 1990 in Aberdeen, Scotland as a fit for purpose ship to serve St Helena Island in the South Atlantic.

The RMS as she is known as has a gross tonnage of 6,767 gross tonnes, and can accommodate 156 passengers in 56 cabins. The RMS St Helena was scheduled to be withdrawn from service in 2015 but due to the delay in the Islands airport opening and commencement of a commercial air service, she was forced to continue serving the island until an access solution was implemented. St Helena will now open its doors to commercial air travel on the 14 October 2017. The RMS St Helena will continue her final few voyages to the Island calling at St Helena, Ascension and a final voyage to Tristian da Cunha and it is hoped her the last voyage will end in Cape town on the 15 February 2018. Details of the sale of the RMS can be found on the RMS St Helena website.  

From the ship’s website, it ssems like her last voyage ends at Cape Town on February 18th 2018. 

Naturally, we do have a very short thread on CaptainsVoyage Forum about this ship, in case you want to add more to her story.


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