A night at the oval office

This is a night wacth week where I work all through the night and try my best at getting some sleep during day time. It’s not always that successful, I have a really hard time shutting my eyes while daylight reigns. It was a whole lot easier in my earlier years, night work now gets harder each year. Additionally, a recent study clearly states that working night time is actually more dangerous than previously known.†

Anyhow, someone’s got to do the job, and it could very well be me as well.†

I have recently brushed some dust of my Ricoh Theta S 360 degree-camera, after leaving (aka forgetting) it in a drawer for some time. I guess I got to use it more, or just sell it. I opted to trying to use it more frequently and more creatively. This images was taken last night while we were taking on some liquid gas, by the help of the recently added remote shooting capability on the camera’s app.†

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