A winter day

Over this past weekend, Trondheim got their fair part of the snow that came in over the country. Followed by this snow, and into this week, temperatures are expected to drop down to about -15 degrees. The snow is light, almost feather like and when you go out for a walk, the snow creaks beneath your shoes.†

My C-Gull doesn’t like the cold either. For the safety and good health of the batteries, they need to be kept at a temperature not lower than 15 degrees. When I took off today, I whipped the battery out of my jackets internal pocket, and as I took off, the outside temperature was about -9 degrees. As I sent the C-Gull up to the absolutely maximum allowable height (in Norway) of 120 meters, the drone told me the temperature up there was -16 degrees.†

With other words, it wasn’t a particularly long flight, but just about enough to get this shot.†

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