AIDAcara back in Trondheim

On March 7th, AIDAcara came back to Trondheim for her second time. Unfortunately, this was a full work day and I had no chance to get a proper aerial shot of her. The weather this day was unusually calm - the fjord like a mirror from side to side.†

I don’t know what it is, but during the past couple of years, all cruise-ships seem to pass on the OTHER side of the fjord if I’m at duty on my ferry. No matter if it’s a cruise-ship’s arrival or departure, whether they are spot on schedule or whether they are delayed…. I’m consistently on the wrong side (as in furthest away).†

This time however, I actually got to be on the “correct” side of the fjord. Here is AIDAcara as she sailed from Trondheim on March 7th 2018.†

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