Since the arrival of so-called “drone’s", I have completely fallen in love with the possibility to have a flying camera at my disposal. After all, most of us at some point during their childhood, had dreams where we could soar to the sky like a bird. I would like to say though, that I do feel they have been mis-labeled the birds from the beginning as a “drone”. These flying marvels of technology is more like a (remote controlled) quadcopter, but I guess it’s easier to say drone as opposed to quadcopter. There are a few who are concerned with their privacy when seeing a quadcopter, but I can assure them that unless the bird is within your own striking distance, the image will not be as useful as it is a wide-angle image in most cases. Additionally, at least in Norway, there are a lot of strict flight rules and restrictions that needs to be adhered to at absolutely all times. These rules are not optional but mandatory for everyone to follow - and you just can’t say you didn’t know they (the rules) were just updated.

Knowing how to fly manually (visually) is crucially important - especially when something out of the ordinary happens, such as loss of GPS signal for example. I have found that my specific type of bird - the DJI Mavic Pro - is extremely sensitive to magnetic variations and other interference caused by radio waves and wifi-transmitters. During flight, when you loose GPS signal (even when there is sufficient GPS's being tracked and visible), you will suddenly find yourself in a very challenging situation as controls might get irratic at least.†

In the below flight-log, you can clearly see that I still have 19 satellites, but no signal power, and that this affects the compass (compass error). IMU also gets confused to the point that you can only fly visually.†

In my allways overly cautios use: as soon as I detect any kind of problems with interference prior to take off or after take off, I just cancel flying in that specific area and go for somewhere that doesn’t have these issues.†

Through some online research, I have found that there might be a “cabling problem” with this version of Mavic Pro. Hopefully, the next verison will have eliminated this but I guess we will have to wait and see. †

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