Blog originating from where?†

After having tried out many different ways of staying "alive online”, I’m now trying to gather the places. This blog journey originally started on blogspot as itsacaptainslife, but will in the future continue it’s journey here. Naturally, I welcome all readers to go back to bogspot and read all the old posts there.†

To kick everything off all-a-new, I start here with a copy of my first entry on blogspot:†

I'm a Captain, this is my blog.

A multi-lingual former cruiseship deck officer, a Guest Relations Trainer, an English language teacher, a former Public Relations Manager and finally now a passenger ship Captain with many years living in South East Asia, and with a heartfelt passion for photography and a newfound interest in creating videos.

This is a new blog that I have created because it is so much easier to keep alive and update than a website. I do however have a lot of different websites for you all to explore:

* A home-page, and SS Norway-memorial:
* A very active web forum:
* A local blog for Trondheimsfjorden:
* A page for coastal steamer Kong Olav:

* A (no longer used) youtube-channel:
* A vimeo video-channel:

In addition, I do have some groups on facebook as well:
* CaptainsVoyage Photography
* Canon EOS Fans - Norge
* Saving Kong Olav

Keeping track of me might therefore be a bit of a challenge but in any case, your visit and your comments are always highly appreciated.

Wishing all readers an onwards wonderful day.

Yours truly,

The Captain.

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