Blueberry kisses from Bymarka

It’s unavoidable: the summer is almost over, way too early for me, and for many more people. The leaves are already changing colors, and the temperatures aren’t what they could have been. There is no denying it: autumn is knocking on the doors these days. The great thing about this month of the year is the abundance of free food! The hills around Trondheim are literally covered with wild raspberries, blueberries and other berries, and the forests are full of mushrooms.

A few days ago, as I was changing from night duty to day watch, I had the opportunity again to head to the forest and hills to stock up on more free food for the winter. Previously, I have filled the freezer with lots of wild raspberries, as well as lots of mushrooms. †

The below are images from some of the many trips out to search for free food, taken over the past weeks, including this weeks trip.†

More than enough for those who gets out of their TV-chair.†

What to do when your freezer is filling up with wild raspberries: bake a chocolate cake with fresh berries, and raspberry sour cream filling.†

IMG 4140

Natures own art, but seriously, YIIIKES! I could very well do WITHOUT all the spiders though!

IMG 4188

Direct hand to mouth-living.

Rye and Byneset emerging from the fog.

A seat with a view.

The lower part of Trondheimsfjorden covered in thick fog.†

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