Christmas wishes

With an image from the now world-famous Christmas Market (literally “julemarked” in Norwegian) in Trondheim, I send my very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidaysto my two handful number of readers. I hope your holidays have been filled with endless love, great food and lots of new family memories. Even though I no longer celebrate the religious part and reasons for the season, I still partake fully and whole-heartedly in all the eating, traditions and gift-giving.†

The past week since arriving back home from Thailand has been really busy with all night work every single night, the agony of Christmas-shopping, home-cleaning, home-decorating and other preparations during daytime. In this past week, I have literally not seen beneath a blanket at all - at least not for a sufficient and significant length of time. But, Im fine and I have had a wonderful time despite the total lack of sleep.†

With 2018 fast approaching, the newspapers will soon be filled with all sorts of look-back at the year past. I also have an idea to summerize my year as well in a new bLOG-entry, but Im not entirely convinced its really worth the time. Dont get me wrong, 2017 has been an amazing year for me with so many wonderful memories.†

Right now, I know already that 2018 will bring on a whole new set of truly exciting challenges and major changes in life. I cant wait to start next year, and to bring to an end this all-day-long eating of cookies, candy and other unhealthy foods. †

Once again, a†Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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