Costa Concordia’s sister, the Costa Pacifica

Unlike a few decades ago, cruiseships of today are almost built on the same principle, with a different shaped funnel depending on their company. Change the funnel, and the ships can be easily sold onwards. Costa Pacifica is one of those ships that I would say is not unique in any way: she is a sister of the world famous (for all the wrong reasons) Costa Concordia, and probably a handful other Costa/Carnival cruiseships as well.†

In my childhood (not that I feel like an old man), cruiseships came from various backgrounds and had been retroofitted to cruising as business changed. There were many old liners, and even cargo ships, converted with various success, into cruiseships. Costa Pacifica is what I would call a regular visitor to Trondheim the past years, and on 11th of July 2016, she anchored up off Trondheim one more time.†

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