Costa Pacifica - does size matter?

An update to my bLOG just as I’m about to head out the door for another night at work. Tonight, I choose to share some images of the Costa Pacifica - one of the numerous so-called sister-ships to the much more famous Costa Concordia, but also a sister ship to several of Carnival Cruise Line’s ships. I have previously shared images of this ship here at the bLOG and at CaptainsVoyage Forum, including the previously mentioned 2016 Cruise Ships in Norway-thread.†

Here are some images where I have tried showing the immense size of the ship. They say cruise ships today are very much like floating cities, but while at sea, while still looking big, you don’t really get to understand the size before comparing it with something more familiar.†

Takes me back to my childhood: seeing converted oceanliners sailing on cruises, with all their lights and people on board. It was so fascinating to learn about the various things these ships contained: nearly everthing found in a city, could be found on board as well. One ship that impressed me in particular was …… wait for it…. the SS Norway… regally blue, two funnels, gigantic in size, nearly 2000 guests and a 1000 crew… TV-station, a New York taxi cab (actually just a TV-stunt on Norwegian TV), several swimming pools, library, bars, restaurants, plumbers… and what not. It was so amazing to hear and learn about this back then. I guess this was the early stages of my really peculiar geeky-ness, which I would pay the price of being bullied for over the years.†

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