Costa Pacifica

Yesterday was a realtively windy and wet day, and any hopes of getting some decent shots of the Costa Pacifica in Port of Trondheim was rather small. At first try earlier in the day, and in between meetings in town, I found out too late that I needed to update my app, as well as the software of wings and remote controller: hence no flight.†

As soon as I arrived home in the afternoon, and everything was made up-to-date, there was just a short moment before the ship would sail away. I thought about it for a handful seconds, and decided to give it a try, despite†continuing†rain and gusty winds (not THAT much wind, but enough to disturb my light-weight bird).†

I made a quick look at the app as I prepared to take off, but I completely failed to†notice that the last upgrade had changed most of my original camera settings as well as image format. I usually have the wings set to take both a jpeg (for Instagram) and a raw file of each picture, and manual setting of ISO of 100. With the ISO now at Automatic, the program thought 4000 would be great, jpeg-format only, and resetting my file numbering. Sadly, I didnt notice this before I got home afterwards.†

I did however take a few shots as the ship sailed away, and thankfully she sailed at exactly that time, because just a minute after bringing the bird back to the ground, it literally started raining both cats and dogs at the same time!†

I’m at all not happy with the colors in the shots this time: with the RAW file I would have been better suited doing color corrections. The focus also seemed slightly off, but it could be the very high automatic ISO setting.†

I got a photo of myself just as the bird was coming in for landing and my face was as red and ripe as fresh tomatoes in sunshine! Had my face been blue instead, I would have been the perfect “pilot-Smurf”.†

PS: One thing I noticed, is that the ship is actually massive! I know she is a sister to the much more tragically famous Costa Concordia, and to imagine a ship this size capzising towards land, must have been a horrific sight.†

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