Engine troubles gave us an additional ship

When the cruiseship Marco Polo suffered some minor engine problems off the Norwegian coast on March 6th, she was forced to sail in to Trondheim on an unscheduled port stay. This gave Trondheim one additional cruiseship-visit this season, and as she is one of the last remaining veteran passenger ships, she was a very welcome visit.†

What I love the most about this ship, apart from her very apparent strength, is that her hull has a blue finish that is not too different from my very own SS Norway. In not too many years, ships like this will no longer sail the seas, and the world will be a lot less wonderful. There is no modern passenger vessel in the whole world which can compete in categories of beauty, style and grace.†

If you wish to see the remaining images of this ship, you will have to head to the “Cruise ships in Norway 2015”-thread at CaptainsVoyage Forum.†

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