Expedition - 10 days older

As the rain is pouring down today, I will share some images of a ship that should actually be as close to “my ship” as it possibly can. The Expedition - a former car- and passenger ferry came to Trondheim some days ago, and what makes it so special for me is that she entered service just ten days before I was born. 

She has a long and fairly impressive history as a ferry, sailing as “Kattegat” (172-1978), “nf Tiger” (1978-1985), “Tiger” (1985-1986), “Ålandsferjan” (1986-2008), and eventually ending up sailing as “Expedition" from 2008. 

I have never been a great fan of car ferries turned cruiseships, but this ship actually looks beautiful. Her color scheme and the fresh paint makes her truly stand out like a small gem in the expedition-segment of cruising.  

Updated: Forgot to post this strange screensave from marinetraffic the day before she came to Trondheim. That is the first time I see a cruise ship in that fjord - had no idea that there was anything worth seeing in there either, obviously I was mistaken. 

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