Future of Hurtigruten

As everybody already may have learned from various Norwegian medias during the past weeks, not only Hurtigruten Group has replied to the Government’s tender-competition. Havila has also presented to the Government, their proposal for a stake in the Hurtigruten-tender. Havila is a world leading offshore company based in Norway, with many vessels in various categories such as AHTS, PSV, Subsea and RRV.†

For a stake in the Norwegian Government’s tender, the ship Havila proposes to use is apperantly a new building as per the below rendering. ††

With the deadline for submitting proposals to the tender well passed, we will now have to wait and see what the outcome will eventually be.†

What do you think about the future of Hurtigruten, and what do you think about the below ship-design for the world’s most beautiful sea-voyage?

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