Governor of Svalbard’s vessel Polarsyssel

“Polarsyssel" is the name of both the new and old vessel of the Governor of Svalbard. The vessel operates as a base for “Sysselmannen” of Svalbard, the Governor. She has a lot of various duties to fulfil once in place at Svalbard. When she is not in use, she is able to covert to a PSV but have also been seen laid in a lay-up somewhere near Ålesund during the off-season.

Back in March of 2013, Havyard signed a contract with the Icealandic shipowner Fafnir Offshore, because, in Norway, we can’t operate our own Governments vessels out of a Norwegian company. The classification of the new vessel was Havyard 832 L WE platform-supply ship (PSV). The following month, in April 2013, Fafnir Offshore secured a long-term contract for their new-building, where the ship would serve the Norwegian Government’s and the Governors of Svalbard’s for about 6 months of the year for the next six years.  

The new “Polarsyssel" was christened at Longyearbyen, Svalbard, in Saturday September 20th 2013, and the ship’s Godmother was Inger Aarvaag Stokke, an employee of the Polar-section of the Justice and Contingency Department. Stokke was also earlier an employee with the Governor of Svalbard, Sysselmannen. 

On her way northwards from lay up, she made a quick stop at Lysøysundet yesterday afternoon, and naturally, I was off course there to make sure the visit was photographically recorded. Being a nightwatch week, and despite several over-priced tollway gates, I tought that it wasn't very often I would get the chance to see this vessel, nor a chance to go on board for a very quick look-around. 

More images might get posted to CaptainsVoyage Forum in the next couple of day. 

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