Greetings, infidels

Youtube is a great time-stealer: there is just so much material being uploaded in every single thinkable category. Not everything is great though, but occasionally I come across things and users which are absolutely excellent in all that they do.†

One such user and performer is Jeff Dunham… you know, they guy behind characters like Achmed the dead terrorist, Peanut, Walter, Bubba J, Josť JalapeŮo and probably a few others. Jeff Dunham has a youtube-channel, and on this channel, there are so many pearls and treasures. It’s really hard to pick one great upload here: they are all hilarious.†

Naturally, Achmed is the big artist, but Walter is a new favourite of mine: maybe because he reminds so much of someone that I know?†

Are there other Jeff Dunham fans out there?†


Here are three great samples: Achmed the dead terrorist is Santa

Jingle Bombs"

Arrested for disorderly conduct

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