HS-THJ - Welcome home

Yesterday, Thai Airways took delivery of their newest addition: a brand new Airbus 350-941. After a 10 hours 50 minutes long flight from the Airbus factory at Toulouse, TG8914 landed at BKK at 09:37 local time this morning.  

The aircraft left the Airbus factory as production number 177 and made it’s initial maiden flight on January 8th 2018. The aircraft’s test registration was F-WZGC, but will now be known as HS-THJ or "Pho Sai”. Like her sisters, she will also be powered by two RR Trent XWB-84 engines. 

With this delivery, Thai Airways now operates 8 beautiful A350 aircrafts, while the best part, is that they still have four more aircrafts on order. Despite having a loving relationship with their B777-300ER, I honestly hope and pray we will see one of these A350’s on the TG954/955 route to and from Oslo in the future. 

Thai Airways current A350-941 fleet of 8 aircrafts:

HS-THA - (Not in Use)

HS-THB Wichian Buri / วิเชียรบุรี Delivered August 26th 2016

HS-THC Si Nakhon / ศรีนคร Delivered October 11th 2016

HS-THD Uthumphon Phisai / อุทุมพรพิสัย Delivered April 21st 2017

HS-THE Chai Badan / ชัยบาดาล Delivered June 16th 2017

HS-THF Yan Nawa / ยานนาวา Delivered July 13th 2017

HS-THG Phu Pha Man / ภูผาม่าน Delivered August 31st 2017

HS-THH Than To / ธารโต Delivered September 22nd 2017

HS-THJ Pho Sai Delivered January 27th 2018

Their next delivery (production number 181) will likely be given registration HS-THK (previously used on an A300B4-103), and the name is expected to perhaps be “Phaisali". First flight of this aircraft took place at January 10th 2018, just two days after HS-THJ Pho Sai.  

After that, I suspect that the onwards three aircrafts will be HS-THL (production number 185), HS-THM (production number 189) and HS-THN (production number 201). 

Neverthlessly, I most sincerely congratulate THAI with another beautiful aircraft, and send many hopes that she may be an incredible asset on thousands of flights in the future. 

We do have a dedicated Thai Airways thread on CaptainsVoyage Forum if you have anything to add, or would like to share your experiences with THAI, or if you just want to share your photos of their aircrafts.

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