I had a dream...

Despite this being a night watch week, I try to squeeze in a couple hours of sleep at day time. Two days ago, I even managed to squeeze in a very vivid dream during my short day-time nap. You know I’m slightly above average interested in aviation when the dream is aviation related. 

Earlier this week, Ocean Infinity resumed the search for Malaysian MH370 on a “no cure - no pay” scheme often used by salvagers when recovering lost or damaged items at sea. It’s all over the news this week, surely all details are known to those who seek answers. 

I have tremendous sympathy to all those that had friends and relatives on that flight, and their plight to find answers to what actually happened. It’s probably the largest air-mystery of modern times. 

My dream was the news that they had finally found the aircraft, and about the sigh of relief that we all may actually come a little bit closer to the truth. It’s a wonderful dream and I can’t wait to get some answers too. 

What do you think happened to the MH370?

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