I love to take pictures

Ever since I got my first camera as a birthday gift some 32+++ years ago, I have always been extremely passionate about taking pictures. Even though the subjects may have changed over time, the passion is very much still alive. An old and long time good friend once told me that a true photographer is a man who can not even take a short walk to the post office, or the neighbourhood grocery store, without bringing the camera along. I might not be THAT extreme, but I’m also not that far off.†

Here are some of my latest captures this past few days. Since I’m working on a ship, the subject is for the greater part, naturally maritime related images and ships, but that changes when I’m ashore and off duty off course.†

I made a New Year resolution and promise (to myself) at the end of last year, to make this year the most amazing year I possibly could. As a consequence of that resolution, my schedule is literally fully booked and extremely hectic in the weeks ahead. But have no fear, more images will be shared with all of you here in my blog and on CaptainsVoyage Forum as soon as my schedule falls back to normal again.†

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