I worked on a cruiseship

For most of you, you probably already know I used to work for many years on many different cruise ships in the past. To me, those were for the most part all glorious years, not only those last years as an officer, but also the years as a galley utility boy and deckhand. I would not have traded those years away for anything.†

But then, I came across this article on the Internet, written by a Pinay (a lady from the Philippines). Her experience seems to greatly differ from my own experiences.†

How do I feel about this article? I don’t want to doubt her expereinces, because these are hers and this is how she saw her life on board. But, I would like to say this though: working on a cruise ship is truly hard work, no doubt about that at all, no matter what position. Yes, officers do get better accomondations than crew. What do (or did) you expect? Officers are never going to live under the exact same conditions, or with the same salaries, as first-timers at sea. It’s a hierarchy like everywhere else in our society, whether on shore or on a ship. You work your way up with hard work and committment. Not everybody are born in castles with private swimming pools.†

Also, I feel like I need to say the same to everybody that asks me how is it really working on a cruise ship? “Either you are cut out for that kind of job, or you are not”. As simple as that.†

Imagine a job that gives you the privilege of free food, lodging, and travel expenses, with no electricity or water bills to pay, all while earning cash in dollars.†Dream come true, right? That’s what I thought, too, until I worked on a cruise ship.

Link to the article:†http://www.cosmo.ph/lifestyle/career-money/i-worked-on-a-cruise-ship-and-i-hated-it

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