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All my years working for the world’s absolutely finest cruise line, Crystal Cruises, was an amazing time and era of my life. During those increadible years, I met some of the most dedicated, friendly and proffesional crew and guests, †that I have ever had the honor of working with and for.†

Tonight, I would like to create this blog entry to tell you about one of those fantastic colleagues from Crystal Cruises. Her name is Adele Frizzell, and I have always known her to be a genuinely positive and beautiful person to work with. Not only that, she is a very talented photographer as well, way above the standards of my own talents. She is certainly in a class of her own.†

A few weeks back, she posted a photo that seems to have become stuck on my mind, on her NOT JANE DOE PHOTOGRAPHY Facebook-page. She also has her own webpage, notjanedoe.com and she is a Canadian freelance photographer for hire.

She recently shared some insights on how this particular image, the one which has stuck on my mind, came to be, on LinkedIN (you might need to be registrered to read):†How to Terrorize a Family Reunion: The Making of a Family Portrait.†

Now, all I ask you to do, if you are interested in photography: go follow her, or even better, this is a freelance creative photographer you really may wish to consider for your next family- or company portrait! For me, I wish her all kinds of success and creativity in the years to come - You Rock!†

Screendump LinkedIN.†

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