I’m moving!†

This will probably be the final blog entry from what has been my apartment for the past 5 and a half years. Tomorrow morning, the last day of September, my workstations will get packed down to join the rest of the four gazillion cardboard boxes stored all around my apartment.†

Then, on Wednesday October 1st, I’ll be taking over my first brand new place here in Trondheim, and from then on, I will have to get used to a totally different side of town. It’ll be strange, really strange. Ranheim has become my home and I thought I would be at this end of town for years to come, but now, a different part of town will be “home” - this time MY TRUE home!†

I hardly can’t wait for Wednesday to arrive, to get the keys, to sign the final documents and to start the ultra-quick refurbishment project which is meticously planned almost down to each single minute. I know, that the rest of the week will be extremely hectic to say at least.

I planned the move and the packing meticoulously as well (I’m such a control-freak), but so far, that has gone totally bust. My old “crib” is stacked roof-high with full cardboard boxes and other loose stuff all over the place. I’m planning to sell off some of these items in the coming weeks: such as for example my large Hurtigruten-collection, piece by piece. I have already sold quite a bit, but time ran out - I’ll continue as soon as I get into the new place. I just don’t have the room or space, nor do I have the energy to keep or continue the collection. †

A lot of the furniture was listed on finn, a Norwegian second hand market, and a lot has been given away. Time to start a fresh, new furniture from a waiting storage.†

I just hope I can find the strength the coming days - last week was not a good week. But, after all, I’ve made it so far and I’ll sure fight myself through this week as well.†

Wish me luck!†

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