In the market for an aircraft?†

I have previously spoken about my wild dream of turning an old Boeing 747 into a private home or guesthouse, just like the JumboHostel at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. I know it’s a wild dream, but that aside, how cool would it be to own an 747 and have it turned into a home? There is a LOT of square footage (don’t mention all the work and the cost of converting one) in an aircraft as big as this. I don’t think there is any banks that would give me a loan to realize this dream.†

But the dream might be a bit closer with aircafts left to rot on airports around the world. I know there are quite a few aircrafts sitting “in storage” at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, and then I also came across this article from Bangkok. There are a high number of old aircrafts sitting at Don Muang in Bangkok, awaiting a buyer, scrapper or a future. Some of these are still airworthy, according to the article.†

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