Kill creativity - Adobe can help

There is one company that really pushes my buttons more than any I can think of: because of their unfair pricing policy (users from "rich countries" such as Norway, are forced to pay a LOT more for using software), because of a an arrogant view on their customer and for not providing any understanding when they fail to deliver what a costumer has paid for.†

An now, as that wasn’t enough. They have come out with a brand new pay-to-rent version of Photoshop (so that they year after year can rip off millions, if not billions of dollars in rental fees). The worst irritiation for me with this new version, is that they have removed one of the most popular filters in the whole package and kept the ones which users seldom use.†

The Oil Painting-filter was jacked out of the program, because as they said: “we removed it because it is outdated and is based on old "pixel bender technology”. Users from all over the world are in uproar, and all Adobe replies is that they really don’t care (they don’t give a rats a55), and that is the end of story from their side.†

I really hope someone comes out with something better then Photoshop some day (not Adobe), and from a company which is etichally more thankful to their customers wants and needs.†

Crap! Just needed to vent that out - not that it matters at all. Kill creativity - go Adobe!†

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