Live more each day

From what I believe, most of us have some sort of new year resolutions, but few are able to follow them for a longer time into the new year. Over the past years, the same happened to my resolutions as well, most of my them got forgotten within a month or two. This year, I’m going to give it another try, so I made a new resolution for 2018. Different from previous years, I intend to follow it all through the year to see where and what it brings me. †

My resolution is to live more each day. “Make each day a memorable day” kind-a-thing. Sounds pretty cheesy, right? It is really cheesy.†

Cheesy or not, but this year, I intend to change the way I experience my days, and the way I do my things. I happen to love working, so work will naturally be a big part of my days. But, despite the fact that work might be a routine task, the way you do your work can be done in a positive way. I believe it all depends on how you set your mind before you go to work.†

I have already changed so much already: I have been out enjoying more time with my best friends, having coffee and lunch-dates. I have seen a lot more of my own city through walking, and I have flown my C-Gull almost every day. I have had frequent memorable dinners with my loving father and step-mother, I have cleaned out all my closets, but I still have some† more boxes in my storage to sort through. I have literally a ton of printed pictures to digitalise and scan, and I have hours of material on old VHS-films to digitise for the future. It’s a kind of de-cluttering and re-organising thing as well.†

Travelling has become the best passion of my life: this is something that I immensely enjoy and have great benefits from. During my travels over the past 3-4 years, I have met so many wonderful travel-professionals, and I have been able to enjoy the companionships of extremely dedicated aviation-professionals. I have gained so much knowledge while at the same time, it has been rewarding to learn that those same people actually are interested in my opinions. With my next trip just hours away, I’m again overly-enthusiastic and eager to get going. It will be an extremely busy trip to Hong Kong with Scandinavian Airlines and include a quick visit to Bangkok with Thai Airways.†

Additionally, at the end of November, I quit my gym-membership because over the past half year, I didn’t have enough time to hang out at the gym, and was therefore paying for an inactive membership. Just a couple of days fresh into 2018, I weighed myself for the first time in almost 6 weeks, and I was taken back. Since last weigh in, I had gained some 7 kg. The first thought was that I should really return to the gym, but I also thought that a new gym-membership would be no different to my previous membership. I just don't have the time available to work out at a gym, and also, there are no gym’s close by where I live.†

According to my best friends, the solution was simple though: an app for my phone. I downloaded an app called “LifeSum” and started using it right away. Basically, with this app, I would start controlling and counting calories of everything that I ate. In addition, I also started enforcing a minimum 600 calories burn by brisk walking at least 60-90 minutes every day.†

The great thing is that this actually works for me: counting calories and keeping track of everything that I eat. First of all, I have become very aware of WHAT I (can) eat, and how much I can eat. Clearly, this was the main thing that went wrong with me in the past. In the past, after baking fresh bread at home, I often ended up eating 6-7-8 pieces of bread with various toppings and no discretion whatsoever to what the topping was. This meant that in a single breakfast, I could eat upwards to half of my all-day calorie needs. I was a loose gun - at the pace I was heading, I would just continue to gain.†

It’s almost like budgeting: eat a little less than your daily burn, and be aware of what you eat. If I want to let my sweet-tooth have something to bite during weekends, I plan my activities and make sure I put in a brisk walk first. I also walk stairs wherever there is a choice between lift and stairs, and I intentionally park furthest away from the entrance of any shop I go to.†

It’s actually working! So far, after almost 6 weeks, I’ve lost an amazing 5 kg and I’m still dropping. My dream is to fall down to 65 kg, but that’s still some distance away. Not only that, but the evidence is also found in my monthly blood-tests…. there is a clear indication that I’m doing something correct.†

Like tonight, a Saturday night, with dinner the final meal of the day, I didn’t have enough calories to enjoy add a glass of red wine with it. The solution was a brisk 1 hour walk before dinner, and then the glass could be enjoyed with good conscience.†

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