Looking forward to spring and summer

Even though winter may be beautiful in short periods, I’m more of a spring- and summer person. When I moved back to Norway after living in Thailand for several decades, winter was one of the hardest things I had to deal with. The first couple of years, my dealings with winter wasn’t the cutest thing in town. In short terms, I suffered depressions and strong feelings of withdrawal each winter. Right now, even though winter is a horrible time, it’s a whole lot better - I have learnt to deal with it way better. 

Travelling to exotic places is one easy way out, but also this year, with a new-years resolution I’m truly committed to, I intend to make the best out of the situation no matter what. 

Why is winter such a difficult time, you say? Lack of other colours than black and white, lack of warming sunshine, continuously dirty snow and an otherwise extremely dirty city. Road-salt, always changing temperatures, rain, snow and hail…. coming back from Hong Kong earlier this week, the world’s most populated city is way more cleaner than Trondheim! During this time of year, it’s completely IMPOSSIBLE to keep a car clean for longer periods than 3-5 minutes (unless you clean and keep your car in a garage). My never-ending frustration about this subject in an earlier bLOG entry on January 5th 2018.

Today, I went out for a walk and talk with some of my Thai friends here in Trondheim, and as all of us are complete gadget freaks interested in all kinds of electronics, and things with an engine, we went out to fly our drones. It was a really great time - as always. 

In this bLOG entry of today, here is one of the best (I think) images that I shot today. More images will appear on CapainsVoyage Forum. 

If you would like to see more images from Trondheim, there is a LONG 90-page thread at CaptainsVoyage Forum which you may wish to have a look at(?):

This is Trondheim (link opens in a new tab)

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