My former Royal Viking Sun

Yesterday, the cruiseship Prinsendam of Holland America Line came to town. This is my ship, or perhaps more appropriately, this WAS my ship. For four wonderful years, this is the ship which was my home and my work, continously sailing around the world on world cruises. I have a ton of memories from this ship and seeing her doing so well in her 27th year of operation pleases my heart endlessly. Today, I’m so glad that I have written down some of my memories in “my Royal Viking story”.†

These are a quick selection of images I managed to get during an otherwise so grey day in Trondheim yesterday, June 26th 2015. After summer, I will share some more images in larger format, but to see those, you may need to sign up to CaptainsVoyage Forum.†

I think most of you may agree that she is such a beautifull designed ship. She is strong and she has a class not found in any other ship of today. May she keep on sailing for many more years to come!†

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