My most popular page and post - EVER!

One of my most popular webpages ever has got to be the blog about MS Kong Olav - The page counter tallies some pretty encouraging numbers, and the last post on that page, the one with the latest observed position of the old Kong Olav, has been viewed some 10.200 times! 

But I have really learned that building webpages takes a lot of valuable time and tireless efforts: finding new articles, pictures and stories to share, promoting and publishing. But no matter what, its a lot of fun when you reach page-views and shares that high. I really feel that each page view is a reward in its own sense. 

That being said, this webpage has also reached some 9200 views since I reopened it after the last dry dock some years back. It was a necesarry job that had to be done, the old program was hard to use and limited my creativity. With 
Sandbox, which my pages are now all built up with, makes it simpler to come with new updates and make corrections. Additionally, merging the old blog from a different site, and to this page on CaptainsVoyage, made it simpler for me to keep track and do the update as well. The negative aspect of moving away from having the old blog on blogspot is that promotion is far more difficult. On blogspot, it was far more easier to get new - and a whole lot more - readers, all the time. I guess it has to do with google and keywords. Here, the number of readers are rather low and the only new readers I seem to get, are through friends which shares my new entires on social medias. 

The bottom line is, I love writing about things that interests me, I love sharing “stuff” I come across, but what I love the most, is seeing those page views tick upwards. And I do like seeing new comments below also. ;-)

Have a great Sunday, wherever in the world you are. 

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