OOPS, I did it again… 

I don’t know if it’s because one of my best friends are into Bollywood-films, or because I’m the one into Bollywood, but this evening, I did it again. I went to see Padmavaat (Padmavati) at the movie-theatre again.

Clearly, there is a strange fascination for me with this film. Certain parts of the movie really gets me going emotionally, while some other parts, gives me goosebumps. Based on my observations, this is not a movie Norwegian people normally go to see, especially here in Trondheim, I’m curious at what makes me fall in love with this film. Tonight, there was some 10 people in the theatre, and almost all were Asians. 

I wonder if my fascination is because of my background and connection to Asia, if it’s because of my endless love for India, if it’s because I did 45 hours Hindi language course (level 1) some years ago, if it’s because of my love for Asian films, if it’s because I’m a royalist, if it’s because I love Asian history, or because I’m far from an average guy. I might also be in love with this film because I think that Rani Padmavati played by Deepika Padukone, is the most beautiful woman I may have ever seen. 

After having seen this movie twice now, the elaborate costumes, the royal palaces at Mewar and the songs are ringing in my brain… it’s one of those things that I can’t stop thinking about. The entire cast of this film is extremely well picked, and the roles of them all are well executed.

The unlimited bravery, the profound dedication, the ultimate sacrifice and the eternal pride of the characters in this movie and in this story, is for me truly hard to fathom. This might very well be the bravest people in history, that I have ever learnt about so far in my life. 

The closing scene featuring Rani Padmavati leading the jauhar, fighting evil with the ultimate sacrifice, is the climax moment, and perhaps the most emotional time of the entire film. Her actions turned her to become a martyr and a legend still being told all over India. 

Once anyone here may have seen the film, I would love to hear what you all think… 

Some of the greatest scenes of the film, can thankfully be found on youtube, like in the samples I have been able to find below. Now, I’m just hoping that this film also will be available soon in ti’s full length on AppleTV or my T-We box. 

Here is Khalibali by Sultan Alauddin Khilji, played by Ranveer Singh: KHALIBALI - YOUTUBE 

This amazing clip has already been seen a stunning 110 million times on youtube: Ghoomar by Rani Padmavati, played by Deepika Padukone: GHOOMAR - YOUTUBE

I would also like to share these shots from the film, dubbed with the sounds of the film: Official Video YOUTUBE

Binte Dil (song) - YOUTUBE

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