Path to improving Thai Airways

Thai Airways may not be the world’s best airline when judging various competition results, but to me, the airline describes a much deeper relationship and commitment. Thai has always been the best in my book, and has always been given a very special place in my heart. I have (in past decades) flown with most of the major world airlines, but have always been looking forward to Thai's Royal Orchid Services.†

With a realtively “young fleet” of aircrafts (currently averaging 9,5 years), and some new aircrafts on order, they are definately headed the right way I think. But, as with many things in life, they still have quite a way to go, and imprevements are continously being adapted and implemented. One of the latest service marks is their “New Royal Silk Service”. †

I think it might be crucially important to not only upgrade their services at Business Class and First Flass (First Class is only retained on the few remaining B747-aircrafts and the new A380-aircrafts), but also throughout the money making economy class. Looking over their shoulders to their competition should give them many great ideas on how to proceed in the future.†

Personally, I think that any airline which uses the latest technology and new inventions, will be a step ahead of their competition.†

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