Some more films for your enjoyment

Here are a couple more youtube-films for your enjoyment. The first one is the Royal Princess with a rather special sound… my first thought? Not another one with a Disney-whistle…..

Second is a ship-no-more, the Costa Concordia. The films shows some haunting images of the wreck as it is “today”.†

Before I end, how about this guy’s film? He was trying to sell his car, and made use of a GoPro camera and a Quadcopter to make a really nice promotional video of the car he was offering. I did the same with my Volvo a while ago, but I didn’t make such a beautiful film as what he did.†

See the video here at Tidens Krav†(opens in a new tab in your web browser).†

Then, for the next film, I do WARN YOU. You might not want to eat an egg EVER AGAIN after seeing this one! The development of a chicken inside the egg:†

The next video is from youtube again. We all remember how the big star Justin Bieber got arrested last week after being high on drugs and alcohol and raising with powerful cars…. here is an Italian which does not seem to like Justin Bieber at all. The worst thing is, that he is actually right in many ways… is this the kind of idol we want for our children?

Then, the next one is about “men and their toys” or “men and their obsession about the size of their toys”… the film is called Radio Controlled Madness and is actually a bit funny.†

Then, the next film (are you still watching / reading?)…. is “Man in the mirror” presented by a friend of mine, Bes. This is one increadibly talented Thai in my book. He makes awesome photographs as well!†

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