Spirit of Trondheim - Bakklandet

For those of you that are on Instagram, and in case you like to join my search in finding the Spirit of Trondheim, you may follow one of my accounts there called spiritoftrondheim. I don’t have too many followers as of yet, but I love sharing some glimpses from a city that has a substantial place in my heart.†

In this image which I shared yesterday on the account, I was on the way home from a “business”-meeting in town. It’s taken at Bakklandet in the beautiful pre-Easter weather we are having these days. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful areas of Trondheim, with a lot of old city charm. Imagine, a small handful decades ago, politicians of the city wanted to tear down all the wooden buildings and houses along this street and roll out a motorway instead. Thankfully, citizens of Trondheim came out and protested their lungs out, and prevented this from happening. Thank goodness, I can’t even imagine this being a motorway with hundreds and perhaps thousands of cars. Trondheim would have been a lot less richer and a lot less attractive without this area. It proves that not all projects are for the better.†

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