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UPDATE: Facebook is destined to die soon, according to professors at princeton University.†

I am one of the users that really don’t like (at all) the way Facebook works, but we are almost forced to have a profile to connect to many other services in our digital life. The privacy issue of Facebook is daunting to say at least - with Facebook, we are no longer in charge of our own lives (or life stories), and people (friends on the friends-list) take it for granted that they can decide upon what you should share, tagged to your name.†

†When I get a moment, I have long planned to find time to see this film about Facebook and the digital world. The below clip from vimeo.com is a teaser, and the fiilm in it’s entire length (not available in Norway, but available on Apple TV instead for 3 times the price of vimeo).†



In addition, I should probably share this video as well - also from vimeo. I have to admit that I have MANY times been thinking to do the exactly same thing, but haven’t been that brave yet. As I said above, I really don’t like the way FB has turned out to work - comments intended to be for a certain friend, becomes visible to absolutely everyone that has nothing to do with it.†


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